Care of Coozy

When you become the proud owner of a Texas Leather Coozy -- a quality leather product -- there are some care and maintenance guidelines that should be followed to perserve the appearance of your coozy for years to come.

Leather is a natural product and although care is taken to insure that your coozy is created with the best quality of leather possible, natural blemishes are indicative of the product and will sometimes appear.

In addition, natural color leather will slowly change to a darker hew with age. This coloration is natural and one of the unique characterists of a product made with quality leather.

Care should be taken to avoid leaving your coozy in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will alter the color of the product as well as dry out the leather.

Avoid leaving your coozy inside of a vehicle. The heat index inside of a closed vehicle can cause the leather to shrink.

Over time, the natural oils from your hands will add character to the leather of your coozy.
Do NOT use any harsh chemicals to clean your coozy. Use only mild soap and a damp cloth for cleaning.

Coozies with beads should be kept away from small children. Tenacious children can get the beads loose, and beads may become a choking hazard.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us via email or phone.

Our goal is to make a coozy for you that will bring you years of enjoyment.

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