Benefits of the Coozy

Leather is a natural insulator. Leather is the most durable means by which animals stay warm and protected. Since the beginning of time, man has used leather as an insulator for protection, decoration, and personalization.

Both the leather bottle coozy and the leather can coozy instantly act as natural insulators when you slip your beverage inside. Our coozy maintains the coolness of your beverage on the inside and stops heat transfer from your hands to warm the bottle or can from the outside.

The moment you slip the leather coozy on your drink, the process of consdenstion that normally starts when a cold container comes into contact with the warmer air around it stops. Since there is no air hitting the beverage container, the energy lost through the natural process of condensation that we call "sweating" stops, and that energy stays trapped inside the beverage container as coolness.

In addition, on those chilly days when you want to enjoy your favorite beveage but don't want to have cold hands, a leather coozy is the perfect answer. Your drink will remain at a cold temperature while your hands stay warm.

Texas Leather Coozy produces hand crafted products that are attractive and appealing. Your order specifications can result in a coozy that is classy and prestigious or rugged and rough depending on your selection of personalization. The leather bottle cover and leather can cover instantly become an extension of your personality and an outward expression of who you are.

Our leather covers are a long lasting investment that require very little maintenance or care. They are a one of a kind creation that readily become conversation pieces whenever you use them around others.

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